Registered Retirement Savings Plan or RRSP is an account that comes with tax-advantages.This specific plan helps you in curating your finances better that would provide economic safety and additional security after superannuation. A proper, well designed Registered Retirement Savings Plan account helps you save better and allows your investment to grow. But you should be aware that you are taxed on the withdrawn amount as the growth of the money in an RRSP account is determined by its contents.

The Government here too contributes in formulating a better life after retirement as it specifically offers tax breaks to individuals who wish to save money and lead a decent life post retirement. With living costs increasing everyday, you should seriously consider being covered under this plan. Pay us a visit and we will provide you with the best customised RRSP where you pay a decent amount for your future while enjoying the present.

The following are the investment accounts that are permitted in Registered Retirement Savings Plans or RRSP

  • Savings accounts.
  • Exchange-traded funds and mutual accounts.
  • Equities and bonds.
  • Foreign currency and guaranteed investment certificates.
  • Mortgage loans and income trusts.

Why go for an RRSP?

  • Allows you to plan your retirement wisely and provides a decent income after you retire. However, you must pay tax on the regular payments that you receive each year.
  • Easy and nominal payments let you live your present with ease.
  • You may also use this money to fund your child’s education or undertake any emergency home repairs or paying medical bills with tax
  • You may also invest in an RRSP that belongs to your partner. The amount that you get during retirement is equally divided between the two of you.

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