Whole life Insurance

It is okay if you have family members who are lifelong financial dependents. Our company has especially designed the Whole Life Insurance policy keeping in mind the need to provide protection to you and your family for an extended period of time, i.e., till death.

You need not worry as this does not burn a hole in your pocket. The premium rates are fixed and therefore you pay the same premium amount for the entire term and not sacrifice on other expenses. This flexibility allows you to lead your life as normal as one can think of; you live your present just the way you have planned while carving a secured future.

Why go for Whole Life Insurance?

  • This insurance includes a Cash value that comes to use during emergencies.
  • It is completely tax free. The beneficiary does not have to pay any tax on the received amount.
  • It provides permanent coverage to you and your family that lasts your entire life.
  • Your beneficiary/beneficiaries will be able to withdraw the amount at the time of your demise. They will live their lives without any trouble after you are gone.
  • Premium rates are fixed. You pay the same amount for the entire term as the policy rates never increase.
  • You have a choice of utilising the funds even during medical emergencies, in times of critical and terminal illnesses or for permanent disability.

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