Universal life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance, also known as Adjustable Life Insurance, offers flexibility to the policy holder. This policy comes with a special advantage where the following premium rates may be different from the first. Putting it in simple words, the rates can be reduced as per the requirements of the policy holder. This has to be a great coverage insurance as it provides protection to your family after your demise.

Being the insurance holder, you have the liberty of paying the premiums either on a monthly basis or as a lump sum amount before the stipulated duration. Further, in case of any financial crisis, you may be rest assured as the cash value system of this policy comes to your rescue. In such unavoidable circumstances, you are free to use the cash value of this insurance to pay your other premiums. The maturity of the coverage plan is also flexible and can be extended upto 120 years. Our team of financial experts will be more than willing to help you choose the right plan.

Why go for Universal Life Insurance?

    • It comes with tax benefits. The beneficiary receives a non-taxable policy and death benefit. One should know that only a small percentage of the paid premium is used to purchase this insurance.
    • It provides a lifetime coverage policy to the holder and his family.
    • This insurance does not require time to time renewal.
    • The funds may be used as either an extra income, or for treating ailments or after retirement as they are easily accessible.
    • You have the advantage of either choosing the plan for yourself or any of your family members.
    • You are given the full liberty of choosing your premium rates and setting the policy limit as per your convenience.
    • After your demise, it will provide protection to your estate assets.

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