Travel Insurance

Here it goes. You are on a vacation with your family. Now imagine the worst while you are on a holiday. It is scary, right? By now we all know uninvited emergencies cannot be ignored. Once hit by the worst situations, we have toface them. But how do we deal with them while travelling? This is the reason we think one should invest in Travel Insurance.

A Travel Insurance Plan provides the necessary protection to you and your family during a visit to a foreign land against uncalled situations. These may also include any unforeseen medical emergency. It is better to invest in a policy that will let you enjoy your holiday as the plan would cover any unanticipated circumstance that you might face.

Here, at our office, you are free to select the best insurance plan from our wide range of Travel Insurance policies. Our experienced team of qualified advisors will see to it that you invest in an insurance policy that suits you well. Apart from covering emergency medical crisis and assistance, accommodation and travel expenses, our insurance policy also offers protection against sudden trip cancellation.

Why go for Travel Insurance?

  • It covers any unforeseen foreign emergency medical assistance
  • It covers emergency medical and hospital costs while on a vacation.
  • It offers protection against sudden trip cancellation and interruption, misplacement of luggage or delay in arrival.
  • It offers hospital cash allowance in a foreign land.

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