Super Visa Insurance

Humans cannot survive alone for too long. As a matter of fact, it is natural to want to stay with parents and grandparents for a longer time. One might think it is next to impossible. But no, it is not. You can have them at your place for 24 months by investing in a Super Visa Insurance. It helps in giving a temporary resident permit that allows them to stay in Canada for up to 2 years. The Government of Canada has issued this initiative for uplifting that Canadian residents. Because of this, they might not feel alone and be reunited with their families who live abroad.Before investing in a Super Visa Insurance, one should know that it is valid for upto 10 years. To possess a Super Visa, it is a necessity for the applicant to have a proof of Canadian Medical Insurance Coverage that must provide healthcare coverage for a minimum 12 months for a minimal amount of $100,000. Therefore, if you are planning to obtain a super visa, you are required to meet the following criteria

  • The visiting person/person should be a parent/parents or grandparent/grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • The visiting person is required to undergo an immigration medical examination.
  • The visiting person/person should have a statement from the child residing in Canada stating that he/she will provide you with the necessary financial support.
  • The visiting person should have a valid Canadian Medical Insurance and provide details of the purpose of visit.

Why go for a Super Visa Insurance?

  • It covers Diagnostic services including X-rays and emergency dental care
  • It includes Medical emergencies and hospital care services.
  • It covers prescription medication costs.
  • It provides travel assistance.
  • It includes hospital accommodation and surgeries, ambulance and medical services and follow up treatments.

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