Disability Insurance

Emergencies are the uninvited guests. Not to forget, they are unpredictable just like human lives. For example, accidents and medical emergencies always come knocking at the door at the most unexpected times. This is the reason we feel it is always better to be prepared for such uncalled situations.

It has so happened that a healthy human with no illness or disability unexpectedly meets an accident. This eventually makes him or her temporarily or permanently bedridden, causing a financial setback. To avoid such setbacks it is advisable to have Disability Insurance that goes on to provide the much needed financial protection. Come to us as our team of professionals will help you choose a well planned coverage policy that would completely be under budget. Without having to spend much, this insurance replaces only a maximumof 85% of your regular income, you will be insured under this policy that would meet your financial needs in case of any major accident.

You may choose from the following two Disability Insurance policies:

Short-term Disability Insurance: This is best suited for people who know they would recover within a year and be able to start working as a full-time employee. You just have to submit the necessary documents for us to start with the process immediately.

Long-term Disability Insurance: This is beneficial for those customers who are unable to rejoin their jobs because of the severity of their medical ailments. For such insurers, our disability insurance becomes the monthly income (till a certain period or age) by default.

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